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Improve your scores and your body

While it may be a low-impact, golf is still a sport – and like any sport, there are always ways to improve. This is where a golf swing analysis comes in.

This comprehensive physical assessment is designed to analyse your body's movement patterns in relation to a golf swing, allowing us to hone in in your strengths and build up your weaknesses. This results in a safer swing, more power and, by the end of our time together, better handicaps!

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 Golfer swinging club with graphs and charts pointing out trajectory and imporovements


What do I look at when assessing your golf swing?

Your mobility – A good golf swing involves using the entire body. That's why a golf swing analysis first starts by taking a look at your shoulder, hip, spine, ankle and wrist mobility to get a sense of what areas might be limiting your ability to generate power.

Your technical proficiency – Using a combination of video recording equipment and general observation, I will then examine your swing. It may be that you're limited not just by your flexibility, but technical flaws and inconsistencies.

Your posture - Two of the key components of an efficient golf swing are your spine's position and angle when standing over the ball, which can affect everything from your balance to your weight distribution.



How do I then improve your golf swing and prevent injuries?

All this data gives me a starting point to enhance your mobility and strength to optimise your golf swing and lower you risk of injuries.

Soft Tissue Therapy – If it happens that muscular imbalances or restrictions are limiting your range of motion (and your handicap!), soft tissue therapy can be used to release tension, increase flexibility and improve your muscle's function.

Stretching – A tailored stretching routine is used to lengthen shortened muscles, improve joint flexibility and enhance your overall mobility, paving the way for a more natural and unrestricted movement pattern.

Pilates – With its focus on core strength, stability and full-body awareness, Pilates is the perfect complement to golf performance. We will work together on a holistic Pilates plan that will enhance your overall body control and coordination to help you maintain a solid foundation and alignment during the swing.

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Do your body and your scores a favour

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How much is a golf swing analysis in Surrey?


60 minutes 


Includes about 10 minutes of testing mobility and strength, a 30-minute sports and remedial massage and approximately 20 minutes of Pilates and stretching.


90 minutes


Includes 10 about 10 minutes of testing mobility and golf swing technique, a 45 minute sports and remedial massage and approximately 35 minutes of Pilates and stretching.



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Frequently Asked Questions about my golf swing analyses in Surrey??



Are you certified to carry out golf swing analysis?

Yes – I am fully certified by the Titlist Performance Institute, one of the world's leading authorities in golf fitness and performance.

What should I wear for the golf swing analysis?

Please wear sporty and stretchy clothes – Avoid wearing loose and baggy clothes if possible.

Do I need to provide anything for the golf swing analysis?

All you need to bring are 2 pillows and 2 large towels. I will bring everything else we need, including a physio couch, mat, resistance bands and Pilates ball.

Who can benefit from a golf swing analysis?

Golfers of any and all levels! You don't need to be a professional golfer to reap the benefits of better handicaps and a minimised risk of injury.

Will I see instant results from the golf swing analysis?

The golf swing analysis is intended to provide you with valuable insights for improving your golf performance over time. While I can provide you with a starting point, keeping up with the routine I provide you with is up to you.



What injuries can a golf swing analysis help to reduce?

The insights gleamed from a golf swing analysis and the corrective measures I prescribe can help prevent both overuse and acute injuries, including:

Overuse injuries:

  • Lower back pain from a weak core, improper posture and rotational forces
  • Shoulder pain from rotator cuff strain and tendinitis
  • Tendon pain in the elbow, commonly known as golfer's elbow
  • Wrist pain stemming from carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis

Acute injuries:

  • Muscle strains and tears, particularly in the back, hamstrings and core
  • Disc herniation from improper posture, excessive twisting or bending during the swing

Where are your golf swing analyses in Surrey carried out?

These will be carried out at the comfort of your own home.