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Embrace the flow of gentle movement and breathing

Whether you're looking to alleviate chronic pain, help your recovery from an injury or want to enhance your physical fitness, Pilates offers a low-impact solution that pays dividends.

My approach to Pilates is centred around building up harmony between your body and your mind, using a carefully-tailored combination of mindful movement, breathwork and personalised instruction.

This forms one of my two-sided approach to injury rehabilitation, alongside remedial and sports massages in Surrey, but my clients are more than welcome to book it as a standalone service – Muscle Rehab & Pilates is all about adapting to your needs, not the other way around.

Sculpt and strengthen your body and mind with the magic of Pilates

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What is Pilates good for?

Enhancing core strength – Pilates targets and builds the body's core muscles, strengthening your abdominals and obliques

Improving posture – A regular routine of Pilates will steadily build up your back musculature, which when combined with the core strength benefits leads to better posture and stability

Promoting spinal health – Pilates works to elongate and align the spine

Boosting range of motion – Expect to see improved mobility in your hips, shoulders and spine

Enhancing concentration – The focused diaphragmatic breathing techniques used in Pilates can enhance concentration and mindfulness during practice

Building strength – Pilates aims for balance muscle development, promoting strength that translates into practical real-world applications such as lifting furniture or things off shelves


How much is Pilates in Virginia Water and wider Surrey?


Pilates Prices

1-to-1 Pilates
? Spring offer for new clients of £45/hour (Normally £50/hour)

2-to-1 Pilates - £25 each/hour

3-to-1 Pilates - £20 each/hour

4-to-1 Pilates - £15 each/hour

5-to-1 Pilates - £12 each/hour



Mix-It-Up Therapy Prices

30 mins sports massage + 30 mins Pilates - £60

60 mins sports massage + 30 mins Pilates - £90

45 mins sports massage + 45 mins Pilates - £80



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How are the Pilates sessions structured?

We will start with a few warmup exercises to see how your body moves and highlight any imbalances (if any) you may have. This will serve as a foundation for a 6-week plan for you to progress you.

If you want to see steady but continuous progress, I recommend you try to fit in a minimum of 2-3 but ideally 4 Pilates sessions a week. These can be sessions with or by yourself.

After each session we will go through some stretching to cool down and release tension in the muscles we have particularly worked on, promoting recovery and inducing further relaxation.

Depending on your fitness level or how far we have progressed, I can also make your Pilates sessions more challenging by incorporate extra tools like a PTP resistance band system or a Pilates ball.


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Have any questions about my Pilates or sports massages in Surrey? 

Please reach out at 07736 276009 and I will help however I can.

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Frequently asked questions about Pilates in Virginia Water and the rest of Surrey



Where do you teach Pilates?

I offer one-on-one Pilates in the comfort of your own home.

Are other people able to enjoy the session?

If you would like, I can also teach your family members or friends. Please note, however, that I find a maximum class size of 5 leads to the best results as I am able to provide everybody with an equal amount of individual attention for guidance and corrections.

Do I need a mat?

Ideally you will have your own mat, but not to worry if you don't – I will always bring a spare.

What should I wear to the session?

Please don't wear loose clothing – Stretchy, comfortable, body-hugging sports clothes are the best.

Who can benefit from Pilates?

One of the great things about Pilates is that it's suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Everybody from athletes to people recovery from injuries to seniors will see improvements to their flexibility, strength and posture with a regular routine of Pilates.



How long does it take to see results from Pilates?

This can vary depending on how often you practice, how consistent you are and your starting point. Some people feel better after just a few weeks, while others might take a month to see and feel results.

What's the difference between Pilates and yoga?

Both Pilates and yoga offer strength, flexibility and mindfulness, but Pilates is more focused on strength and controlled movements while yoga incorporates more breathing exercises and stretching.

Is Pilates safe?

Yes – Pilates is low-impact, focuses on slow movements and aims to prevent future injuries. When carried out under the guidance of a qualified Pilates instructor such as myself, it be one of the safest forms of exercise out there!